Bremshey Control Vibration Plate.

Read the review of the Bremshey Control Vibration Plate with Large Standing Platform and Large Handlebars.

Vibration plates are 30%b more effective than exercise alone, exercise on a vibration plate and that exercise is more effective than exercising on the floor, in fact if you where to do 30 exercises on the floor, you would only need to do 10 exercises on the vibration plate to get the same effect, the vibration makes the actual exercise more effective on the muscles in your body.
Bremshey Control Vibration Plate, Large Standing Platform.

Large Standing Platform.

The vibration plate itself is large with plenty of room for doing standing exercises and plenty of room to sit down on the vibration plate and do sitting exercises as well, there's large handlebars either side of the vibration plate which don't get in the way of your exercise like the handlebars do on some vibration plates but are there within hand reach if you need them to steady yourself or for balance.

A very smart and modern vibration plate that will look great in your home and not out of place with other modern items of furniture such as TV's and games machines.

The Bremshey Control Vibration Plate is very user friendly and easy to use and offers a full body workout with adjustable and controllable vibrations making that whole body exercise feeling as hard or as light as you like with vibrations that just add a light tingling to heavy throbbing vibrations that you can feel go right through you, the choice is yours.

Only the platform vibrates the handlebars and the digital display and controls are independently secured against vibrations so when your working the buttons on the digital display or looking at the digital display or holding the handlebars you won't be fighting against vibrations.

The vibrating platform features a thick comfortable mat which is great for both sitting on as well as standing on.
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