Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill.

Read the review of the Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill the Full Size Treadmill with Extra Large Running Deck.

Need to buy a full sized treadmill with plenty of room to stand on the running deck without feeling wobbly and falling off then buy the Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill which has an extra large running deck on a full sized treadmill, whilst being a big treadmill to use, it's not a big treadmill to store as the running deck lifts upwards and locks into a vertical position out of the way making the treadmill extremely easy to store as when folded it's about one third of the size.
Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill, Full Size Treadmill.

Full Size Treadmill.

The treadmill frame is strong and does not flex or vibrate and is super silent in operation with no noise from the powerful motor that powers the running deck, having a quiet treadmill may be important to you if you have family members or neighbours that you don't want to disturb when you use your treadmill especially if you plan on using the treadmill in the early hours or late at night.

With a gentle minimum walking speed of 0.5 miles per hour and a top speed of a flat out tun at 10 miles per hour the Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill is suitable for all from the absolute beginner who just wants a casual walk to the dedicated exercise at home fitness person who wants to push themselves as hard as tey can.

From the display console you can press a button to increase the hill or incline which automatically raises the treadmill running deck up at one end to create a hill, electric motors raise or lower the incline at the push of a button and makes for very easy control of both speed and incline all by the use of buttons whilst you are actually walking or running on the treadmill, no need to get off to adjust anything.
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