Horizon Colima PRO Home Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Horizon Colima PRO Home Exercise Bike with Comfortable, Adjustable Seat and Colour Digital Display.

If you have used an exercise bike before you might have been put off by just how uncomfortable some of the seats are, razor thin seats that leave you feeling like your sat on a knife edge and desperate to get off and stop exercising, with the Horizon Colima PRO Home Exercise Bike you have a nice, large and generous seat which is padded and fully adjustable not only up and down but forwards and backwards too.
Horizon Colima PRO Home Exercise Bike, Comfortable, Adjustable Seat.

Comfortable, Adjustable Seat.

You can bring the seat closer to the handlebars or further away, if your pregnant your want to move the seat further away from the handlebars to give you and baby more room, if you have short arms you might want the seat brought closer to the handlebars to give yourself a better grip on the handlebars.

Between the handlebars is a colour display, not only does it show you your speed, the distance you have travelled, the time you have been cycling for your pulse and your calories burned, but it's also entertaining to look at with constantly moving graphs of your progress and if you have ever felt bored whilst your cycling on a home exercise bike then the moving display should help to keep your interest.

The handlebars have built in sensors that measure your pulse as your hands touch the handlebars and display your pulse on the digital display, your pulse is a good way of seeing how your body is reacting to exercise and a valuable indication for anyone new to exercising who may be unsure of how hard to push themselves, also on the digital display is a calorie counter that if you enter your weight when you start to exercise will accurately show you how many calories your burning whilst your exercising.
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