Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer.

Read the review of the Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer with Large Stride Length so your not forever knocking your feet on the back of the cross trainer or finding your feet over the foot guards which is a strong indication that your current cross trainer is too small for you and with Pedals Low to the Ground for Increased Home Headroom this is an ideal cross trainer for home use.

If you live in a cottage or flat or any house with low ceilings you might find yourself limited as to what exercise equipment you can use in your home as the maximum ceiling height determines not only what exercise equipment will fit in the house but whether there is enough headroom to actually use that exercise equipment when the ceilings are low.
Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer, Large Stride Length.

Large Stride Length.

A cross trainer requires sufficient headroom for you to stand on the pedals and not hit your head on the ceiling, most cross trainers have pedals that are high up off the floor increasing the maximum headroom required but with the Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer which has been specially designed for homes with low ceilings the pedals are mounted closer to the floor reducing the maximum height required.

Not only can a tall user exercise on the Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer in a room with a low ceiling but they can have plenty of room for their large stride length too, if you have ever banged your feet on the back of the cross trainer as you pedal that's probably because the cross trainer does not have a big enough stride for your height or if your always finding your feet standing on the foot guards instead of in the middle of the pedals, most uncomfortable and another sure sign that the cross trainer you have been using is too small for you.
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