Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer.

Read the review of the Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer with Pivoting Foot Plates so No More Sore Feet and Legs.

If you have exercised on a cross trainer before and found you got sore feet or pins and needles in your feet or sore legs, thighs and aching knee's its more than likely that the cross trainer you where exercising on did not have pivoting foot plates, with pedals that actually pivot with your foot you are not forced into a position that your leg and foot does not find comfortable, the cross trainer moves with you and does not fight you so you get a lower stress exercise that is putting your feet and muscles in your legs in the correct position for maximum benefit.
Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer, Pivoting Foot Plates.

Pivoting Foot Plates.

For those of you who have ever banged their feet on the back of the cross trainer whilst cross training or found they spend most of their time standing on the foot guards rather than the pedal its probably because your too tall for the cross trainer you have been using, how tall you are determines your stride length and with the Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer you have a cross trainer that can cope with any stride length up to a maximum of 20 inches so your feet can be properly spaced apart without banging your feet of standing in the wrong position.

The digital display and computer is mounted between the handlebars, two sets of handlebars are included a static handlebar which features a pulse sensor which will display your pulse rate on the digital display whilst you hold the handlebars and moving handlebars which follow an elliptical action, the static handlebars are ideal for a step action.

All the controls are on the digital display so whether you want to choose one of the 20 different resistance levels to exercise too or want to see how many calories you have lost by exercising, it's all on the once screen in the one place so you don't have to take your eyes off the digital display, this is particularly useful for people new to cross trainers who find they lose balance if they have to hunt round the cross trainer for buttons and adjustments.
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