Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike it's a Strong Cycle that is ideal for home exercise giving many years of service and suitable for the whole family with varying exercise demands and body weight with 16 Programmable Resistance Levels there's plenty of room to grow and get fit then train hard.

This sturdy exercise bike is ideal for anyone with a larger bodyweight or an avid home exercise user who wants to make extensive, daily use of a strong exercise bike that will be able to cope with all levels of resistance from just starting to exercise level 1 to professional exercise standard level 16.
Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike, Strong Cycle.

Strong Cycle.

The Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike comes with wireless HR Heart Rate sensors so if you have one of those watches or chest straps that display your heart rate, simply wear one whilst you exercise and your heart rate will be displayed on the exercise bike and your watch, if you don't want to buy anything extra then the built in pulse sensors in the handlebars that measure your pulse whilst you hold the handlebars will be welcome.

Between the handlebars is mounted a 7 inch digital display, this nice and big display shows you your cycling stats whilst your cycling, from your pulse and heart rate to your speed and time taken all on an easy to read display that is big enough that it won't leave you squinting to read the display.

Inside the Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike is a flywheel which rotates as your cycle, this heavy duty flywheel ensures your cycling is natural and fluid, just like it would be if you where cycling on the road but you can stay nice and warm indoors.

The seat is padded and comfortable and won't leave you with a sore bottom no matter how long you like to cycle for, with a fully adjusting seat not only up and down buy forwards and backwards too you can get as close to the handlebars as you like or as far away as you like, if your overweight and need a little bit more room between you and the handlebars so it's not a tight squeeze then this is the exercise bike for you.
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