Horizon Oxford II Rower.

Read the review of the Horizon Oxford II Rower the Full Body Workout Rowing Machine that uses both your arms and your legs to give you a great cardio vascular workout that is one of the best ways to get your daily 30 minutes of moderate exercise that everyone recommends and with a Folding Design to Save Space you can buy this rowing machine for your home as it easily folds away out of sight when not in use.

With a large seat offering a high level of comfort you can exercise longer without getting a sore or tired bottom and with a smart looking colour coordinated digital display on a moveable arm in front of you can always easily read the digital display on both the forward and the backward stroke.
Horizon Oxford II Rower, Full Body Workout Rowing Machine.

Full Body Workout Rowing Machine.

The digital display measures the number of strokes you have done, the time you have been rowing either counting up to the time you have set as the maximum for your workout or counting down from your max time to zero and exercise completion, the distance you have travelled if you where rowing for real and the calories you have consumed whilst rowing are also displayed.

If your following any sort of calorie controlled diet then this rowing machine is a real bonus as you can exercise to reach a certain number of calories used, want to burn 100 or 300 calories a day extra whilst on your diet, no problem just watch the digital display as the calories you have burned from rowing increase.

An included wireless heart rate sensor can be worn to record and display on the digital display of the rowing machine your heart rate, if you're new to exercising at home or simply want to get the most from your exercise then seeing your heart rate and whether your exercising safely or not is a welcome addition to the Horizon Oxford II Rower.
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