Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike.

Read the review of the Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike with Compact Design that's easy to store when not in use and Built In Transport Wheels so you can easily move the indoor racing bike around your home.

If you like road racing on your own racing bike but want to stay at home and not get wet and cold then the Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike is ideal as the bike features racing bike handles and a racing seat that's fully adjustable up and down and backwards and forwards so larger people can move the seat back whilst smaller people can move the seat forwards.
Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike, Compact Design.

Compact Design.

There's even a water bottle included that has a special mount on the cross frame of the bike so your water supply is always in easy reach whilst your cycling and between your legs is the micro resistance control knob that lets you very accurately control how hard or easy it is to cycle, increase the resistance for a harder workout and increased cardio vascular activity which will help you lose weight faster tone your muscles and get in shape.

Within easy reach in front of you is the easy to use push down emergency brake, if your going fast and need to stop in a hurry the emergency broke will stop you quickly and safely bringing the indoor bike to an immediate stop.

The handlebar height is easily adjustable through a height control knob and no tools are required to make any height or size adjustments to the exercise bike the front flywheel provides plenty of inertia which ensures racing on the bike is smooth and natural just like a road racing bike.

Whether you intend to race fast on this indoor bike or just t the newspaper on the handlebars and have a god read whilst you cycle this is the best racing bike available, finished in a black high gloss paint the indoor racing bike will look stunning in any home.
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