Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine.

Read the review of the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine the Easy To Operate Folding Rower.

If you don't have much room in your house then get a folding rowing machine, with the long rowing machine slide folded upwards the rower takes up very little room and can be stored all around the home, in fact folded the rowing machine will take up the same space as an upright vacuum cleaner.
Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine, Easy To Operate.

Easy To Operate.

The Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine is simple to use, if you want you can just jump on and start rowing without any regard to the rowing computer or digital display, use the resistance lever to set one of 8 different resistance levels from easy rowing to very hard rowing, the higher the resistance level the more energy your use in rowing and the fitter your get burning more calories and building up muscle in your arms and legs as well as toning.

The seat is contoured and ergonomically designed to fit well and be supportive, there's even a pulse rate alarm setting which will measure and display your pulse as you row and display your pulse on the digital display with an alarm if your pulse rate goes to high from over exercising, if your new to rowing and concerned you might be overdoing things by accident then the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine with its pulse alarm is ideal for you.

There's even a clock built into the digital display so you can keep an eye on how long you have been rowing for, if you just want a quick 30 minutes row or quick row in your lunch hour then having the clock on the digital display will save you trying to row one handed as you glance a look at your watch.

The keys on the rowing computers digital display are perspiration resistant so no worrying about the text on the keys wearing off after a while the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine is built to last and has become a best seller.
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