Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike with Wide, Low Access and Handlebar Pulse Sensors and Ear Clip Included.

For the exercise bike that has it all at a bargain price buy the Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike which has been specially designed to be easy to get onto and off as the exercise bike front is very wide allowing lots of room and the seat is low down so you don't have to try and jump upwards to reach the seat, at ground level there are no obstacles in your way so its the perfect exercise bike for those with limited mobility or who just like lots of room around them without that sense of being penned in that you get on some exercise bikes.
Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike, Wide, Low Access.

Wide, Low Access.

If your overweight or pregnant your welcome the extra room at the front of the exercise bike without the handlebars being so close that they press on your stomach.

The pedals have straps, so if you want you can fasten the straps around your feet whilst you cycle, if your cycling fast it's recommended so your feet don't fall off at speed, if your after a more sedate exercise then you don't need to make use of the pedal straps.

The handlebars and seat can both be adjusted up and down for height, they can also be adjusted for angle, making the seat angle forward or angle backwards may make it easier for you to get on or off and angling the handlebars towards you is ideal if your arms are shorter or you ca angle the handlebars away from you if your pregnant or a little overweight and need more room between you and the handlebars.

Transport wheels are included on the side of the exercise bike, simply tilt the bike and push like a wheelbarrow to move the exercise bike around your home for easy storage when not in use.
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