Kettler Paso 309 Home Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Kettler Paso 309 Home Exercise Bike with Computer Controlled Difficulty Settings and Pulse, Heart Rate Display.

This beautiful looking exercise bike would look great in any home, with its beautiful good looks of dark grey body, orange highlights and silver metal this is a exercise bike that has good looks as well as great features, with 16 different resistance levels to choose from all of which can be selected electronically by pressing increase or decrease resistance (effort required) on the digital display, this is a modern up to date exercise bike and does not use manual winders and knobs like other exercise bikes, with simple buttons to press operation is easy and you really feel like you are cycling.
Kettler Paso 309 Home Exercise Bike, Computer Controlled Difficulty Settings.

Computer Controlled Difficulty Settings.

There's an exercise training computer on the handlebars which has 6 different exercise programmes with a graphical display so you can change your cycle route and encounter different resistances which makes cycling harder or easier just like you where cycling out on the roads except with the Kettler Paso 309 Home Exercise Bike you won't be getting cold and wet.

Your pulse is measured electronically by pulse sensors that are built into the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars as you cycle for your pulse to be displayed on the digital computer display, there's a built in wireless receiver for using wireless chest straps for the monitoring of heart rate as well and the cycle pedals have straps to hold your feet firmly in place (you don't have to use the foot straps if you don't want to).

The comfortable padded saddle can be adjusted for height, up and down as well as for size forwards and backwards, if you have a bigger frame your want to move the seat backwards creating more room between the seat and the handlebars and if your smaller you can bring the seat closer the handlebars and even angle the handlebars to get the most comfortable position.
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