Kettler Race Training Bike.

Read the review of the Kettler Race Training Bike the Indoor Racing Bike with Triathlon-handlebars.

For an indoor exercise bike that's the closest thing to a road racing bike buy the Kettler Race Training Bike, if your training for a Triathlon then your appreciate the Triathlon spec equipment including Triathlon handlebars safety wheel, recovery pulse measurement and combi-click pedals.
Kettler Race Training Bike, Indoor Racing Bike.

Indoor Racing Bike.

Use the combi-click pedals with normal trainers or if you want as much power as possible and are concerned your feet might slip of the pedals use the combi-click pedals with cycling shoes that will click onto the pedals, all cycling shoes support the combi-click system.

The combi-click pedals features transport wheels so the exercise cycle can be easily moved around your home for storage or when not in use and the comprehensive safety covering means that no moving parts are exposed when the bike is in operation which is ideal for you and families with small children.

The front flywheel ensures there's plenty of inertia for cycling that feels natural like your cycling on the flattest of roads of course with adjustable resistance levels you can simulate every ground cover from near vertical hills to gentle cycling.

The digital display computer is mounted between the Triathlon handlebars and offers a wide range of cycling statistics and target ranges from distance cycled, time taken and time remaining to calories burned and calories to go until your target calorie burn has been achieved as well as pulse and heart rate readings.

Included is an ear clip which measures the pulse in your ear lobe and displayed this on the digital display in front of you, the Kettler Race Training Bike is fully compatible with standard chest belts and straps for wirelessly recording and displaying your heart rate.
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