Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer.

Read the review of the Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer which is Motor Powered so the movement on the cross trainer pedals is more natural and easier as the cross trainer is power assisted and has Built In Handlebar Pulse Sensors to measure your pulse rate through your hands, just by you placing your hands on the handlebars as you cross train.

Your pulse is a very good indication of how well your body is responding to exercise, too high a pulse or too low a pulse and you should reduce the resistance level you have set to make your cross training easier, however an elevated pulse is normal as that goes to show your body is working hard whilst you exercise.
Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer, Motor Powered.

Motor Powered.

There's 16 different resistance levels to choose from, if you're new to exercise and trying to get into shape choose level 1 and as the weeks go by and you get fitter slowly increase the resistance level, with 16 levels of resistance the cross trainer is suitable for absolute beginners as well as experienced exercise users.

You can see your pulse and speed and resistance level and time on the training computer display which is included and sits between the handlebars so its always in sight whilst your exercising, the display has a back light so even in low light conditions you can see the display which is ideal for older people with poor eyesight or if you wear glasses or contact lenses and like to take them out whilst you exercise your still be able to read the display.

As well as measuring your pulse by the built in handlebar sensors for those that don't like to hold the handlebars whilst they cross train they can use the ear clip pulse sensor which is also included, this sensor clips to your ear and measures your pulse in your ear and passes this data back to the digital display.
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