Life Fitness GS2 Multi Gym.

Read the review of the Life Fitness GS2 Multi Gym the Seated Multi Gym, Do All Exercises Without Leaving Your Seat.

The Life Fitness GS2 Multi Gym is a compact multigym designed to fit into any home, if you have enough room in your home for an office char, then you have enough room for the Life Fitness GS2 Multi Gym.
Life Fitness GS2 Multi Gym, Seated Multi Gym.

Seated Multi Gym.

You do all exercises sat in the multi gym chair, you don't have to walk round the outside or make any adjustments or leave the multi gym chair at all, this makes the multigym ideal for anyone with limited movement or limited mobility.

You get a total body workout with this multigym from the press station offering a close grip chest press, an extended arm pec fly, rear delts and seated rowing to lat bar revolving low row bar, ankle strap, leg press and calf raises.

The home exercise machine is ergonomically designed to mimic your bodies natural range of motion, so from a seated position you're not fighting against the machine, the machine is placing your body and limbs into the correct position for maximum exercise effect.

Now available at a discounted price there has never been a better time to buy, if your out of shape and want a piece of home exercise equipment that will fit into your office or bedroom and which you can do from a seated position then this is the multi gym for you, you can even put the TV in front of the multigym and train while you watch TV.

160lB or 73kh of weights are provided with the multi gym, there is nothing else to buy, everything you need to start using the multigym is included which is a great deal as many other manufacturers sell the weights separately.
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