Marcy MP2106 Multigym.

Read the review of the Marcy MP2106 Multigym for Whole Body Workout, includes Exercise Chart.

For a home gym that can work on all muscle groups for upper and lower body buy the Marcy MP2106 Multigym there's an adjustable chest press and even the backrest of the seat is adjustable and provides great lumber support, especially important if you have a bad back and are suffering with back pain.
Marcy MP2106 Multigym, Whole Body Workout.

Whole Body Workout.

Work the chest, stomach, shoulders, arms and legs with the Marcy MP2106 Multigym you have everything you needed included to get yourself fit, lose some weight, lose some fat, build muscle and tone your body all from your own home.

The Marcy MP2106 Multigym is a seated multigym where you do all exercises from a seated position, the strong metal frame of the multigym will ensure that the multigym does not flex, bend or wobble in use.

There's a butterfly press as well as the chest press which has a full range of motion, the lat bar or lateral pull down bar will help workout your upper body and there's a high pulley and low pulley for additional exercises as well as a leg developer which is ideal for rehabilitation and muscle strength as well as a seated rowing machine with pivoting footplates so your feet won't get sore and a machine for abdominal crunch exercises.

The seat, back rest and lumber support are all padded and adjustable.

The Marcy MP2106 Multigym comes with 92kg of weight resistance so you are ready to exercise and train as soon as you have taken delivery, extras include a triceps bar and ankle strap which is ideal for swimmers to build up their legs with side kicks.

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The multigym is grey and black in colour with grey metalwork and dark grey seating, with back foam pads on the foot bars and handlebars, all exercises can be performed from the seated position there is no need to walk round the machine to different sides, everything is accessible from the seat, great if you like to spend all your time training and not setting up the machine and ideal if you have limited mobility.
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