Marcy MP2500 Multigym.

Read the review of the Marcy MP2500 Multigym the Seated Multigym where there's No Need to Leave Your Seat.

For a space saving multigym where everything is built around the multigym chair buy the Marcy MP2500 Multigym it's ideal for the home where space is limited as it takes no more space than a large chair and is ideal for those in rehabilitation or with limited mobility as in use your not required to move out of the exercise chair.
Marcy MP2500 Multigym, Seated Multigym.

Seated Multigym.

Delivery is free and the Marcy MP2500 Multigym ships the same day, so order today and your be exercising on your very own multigym tomorrow.

Included is 45kg of weight in 0.5kg steps so you only need exercise with a minimum of 0.5kg weights or if you wish a maximum of 45kg or any weight in between in 0.5kg steps.

Fitted with dual action press arms for bench press and shoulder press and separate pec fly arms, you can do bench press, incline press and shoulder press exercises all from a seated position, there's roller pads for a leg developer with a pivot point that ensures correct muscle alignment as you exercise, there's a lateral pulldown bar, shiver bar, single handle exercise and ankle strap exercise which is great for sidekicks and building up the muscles in your legs.

Made from strong steel box section with 2 tonnes breaking strain aircraft cable used on the cable system so you're assured of the safest and most reliable multi gym.

The seat has a separate adjustable lumber support to support bad backs and is two tone in colour with a elegant dark grey and bright orange edging making for stunning good looks against the light grey metal frame.

With a one year warranty your in god hands knowing that any problems will be fixed or a new multigym supplied and with free next day delivery too your be using your very own home multigym tomorrow.
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