Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer.

Read the review of the Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer the Adjustable Multigym with Exercise Instructions Included.

Wanted to buy a multigym for the home but not sure how to use your multigym then buy the Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer as it comes with full easy to follow instructions, put the exercise wall chart on the wall near the multigym and refer to it as you use your multigym, it's as simple as that.
Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer, Adjustable Multigym.

Adjustable Multigym.

Included as part of this multigym is a thigh trainer for working your inner thighs and outer thighs, no other multigym has a built in thigh trainer so if your looking at your thighs and deciding they need some work then buy the Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer.

A 65kg weight stack is included with the multigym so everything you need including how to use the multigym is included, you even get free delivery with same day shipping so order today and your be exercising on your very own home multigym tomorrow.

You have a weight stack of 65kg and an additional resistance weight of 92kg so that should be enough weights for anyone from the beginner who will want to just exercise with a kilogramme or two to the professional weight enthusiast looking to enhance their already high fitness level.

The seat is padded for comfort and ideal encouragement for a longer workout, the back of the seat is fully adjustable and as a separate lumber support section for people with sore or aching backs.

There's a pivoted footplate so when you're using the seated rowing machine your feet won't get sore as the footplate will move with your feet rather than restricting your movement like many rowing machines and multigyms do.

There's a chest press section, butterfly press, seated rowing machine, leg developer, abdominal crunch, lateral pull down, lat bar, triceps bar and ankle strap.
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