Marcy XC50 Combined Cycle and Elliptical Trainer.

Marcy XC50 Combined Cycle and Elliptical Trainer, Two Machines In One so you can Stand Or Sit Down.

Want to save money and room in your house then take a look at the Marcy XC50 Combined Cycle and Elliptical Trainer its two pieces of home exercise equipment combined into one sop its cheaper and takes up less space and is the only elliptical trainer that you can sit down on or exercise cycle that you can stand up on.
Marcy XC50 Combined Cycle and Elliptical Trainer, Two Machines In One.

Two Machines In One, Stand Or Sit Down.

The elliptical trainer has two sets of handlebars so you can do strength and cardiovascular training on the lower body or use the moving handlebars for a full body workout or sit down on the saddle and do a lower body exercise peddling.

There's 8 levels of magnetic resistance to choose from and a dial below the digital display lets you adjust the resistance level (that's how hard it is to cycle or cross train) the digital display7 is easy to read and features a large mode button which is easy to sue even when your cycling or cross training, in the handlebars your find hand grip pulse sensors just hold the hand grips and your pulse rate will be displayed on screen, the digital display shows the time you have been exercising, the speed your currently cycling or cross training the distance you have cycled or cross trained (estimated) and a calorie readout to show you how many calories you have burned whilst exercising.

The Marcy XC50 Combined Cycle and Elliptical Trainer is ideal for low impact upper body exercise and low impact lower body exercise which won't damage joints or make joints sore like high impact exercise, the seat adjusts not only for height up and down but for reach too you can bring the seat forwards or backwards bringing it closer or further away from the handlebars perfect to adjust for the correct length of your arms.

On the foot of the exercise machine your find transportation wheels that when not in use let you easily move the machine around your home from room to room.
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