Parabody GS2 Multi Gym.

Read the review of the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym with a Space Saving Design as All Exercises are Built Around a Chair, no need to constantly get up and adjust cables or move round to another seat or another station, all the exercises are performed whilst sitting in the chair, that's ideal for anyone who just does not have the time and wants a rapid easy to follow exercise regime and ideal for anyone with limited mobility as once in the exercise chair you can perform all exercises from that one chair.

Having access to all exercises from the one exercise chair without needing to get up means that the exercise gym can be very compact, in fact if you can fit a chair in the room you will be able to fit the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym into the same space, when not in use the chair does not take up much room and so the room can still be used for every other activity just like it is now.
Parabody GS2 Multi Gym, Space Saving Design.

Space Saving Design.

There's a chest station for chest presses, extended arm pec flies, rear deltoid and seated rowing exercises, there's a lat bar, revolving low leg bar, ankle strap and 73kg weight stack so the multi gym can work all parts of your body from a seated position and provide enough weights that the beginner can improve over time and the experienced and fitter exercise user can add more weights and increase the amount of weights they are strength training with.

There's even an ankle strap and lower leg bar for strengthening the lower body which if you're a swimmer is very important.

There's a lifetime warranty on the frame and 3 years warranty on all other parts plus a discounted price.
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