Reebok 3 Series Treadmill.

Read the review and buy the Reebok 3 Series Treadmill, for At Home Aerobic Workout and Heart Rate Control Exercise Programmes.

Built into the handlebars of the Reebok 3 Series Treadmill are pulse sensors that measure your pulse automatically while you are holding the handlebars, this pulse information is then fed back to the digital display unit and a heart rate is calculated in much the same way that a doctor or nurse would calculate your heart rate from taking your pulse.
Reebok 3 Series Treadmill, At Home Aerobic Workout.

At Home Aerobic Workout.

The heart rate displayed on the digital console can then be used to control the exercise programmes contained within the Reebok 3 Series Treadmill, as your heart rate indicates your not working very hard the treadmill will automatically adjust making the treadmill faster of the level of incline (hill) higher, when your heart rate rises the treadmill will compensate making the exercise programme a little easier whilst you recover, it's like having your own personal trainer running with you.

The digital display console is designed to keep your attention and motivation so you won't get bored, watch the screen whilst you run and your see virtual dogs you have to run away from, virtual cars you have to avoid when running on the road and all manner of incidents to keep you interested, of course if you prefer a manual option, you can just press the start button and adjust the speed and incline to suit your walking or running and ignore the digital display if you wish.

When not in use the treadmill folds away, the running deck lifts up and locks into an upright position making the treadmill easy to store, transport wheels on the bottom of the treadmill touch the floor when folded so it's easy to move the treadmill from room to room in your home for storage.
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