Reebok i-trainer 2.1 Cross Trainer.

The Reebok i-trainer 2.1 Cross Trainer has Adjustable Pedals so your feet won't ache and a Interactive Digital Console to keep you interested in exercising as theres always constantly changing statistics of how well your performing to look at.

With an easy to turn manual dial you can select 8 levels of resistance just turn clockwise to increase the resistance and anticlockwise to reduce the resistance, the resistance is how hard it is to move your feet up and down on the cross trainer, the higher the resistance the more effort and the more calories you will burn and the faster your legs will tone.
Reebok i-trainer 2.1 Cross Trainer, Adjustable Pedals.

Adjustable Pedals.

The resistance level you select is displayed directly on the digital console right in front of you, no hunting around trying to find out what level the cross trainer is currently set on. Magnetic resistance is used as this is totally silent for the home with no rubbing or whooshing noises as you exercise and as a added benefit magnetic resistance systems have few moving parts so your cross trainer will last for many years and the cross trainer frame is guaranteed for a lifetime with 2 years on site parts and labour costs included so there's nothing to pay if you need a repair.

Even the delivery is free with the Reebok i-trainer 2.1 Cross Trainer.

For a smooth motion just like the cross trainers at the gym the Reebok i-trainer 2.1 Cross Trainer features a large 6kg flywheel which moves the pedals round in a natural fluid action without vibration, jerky movements or noise so it's ideal for home use where you might have to be considerate of neighbours or others in the house and don't want noise when your exercising late at night or early in the morning.
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