Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine.

Read the review of the Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine the Easy to Use and Stylish Rower.

Buy Reebok and be assured of high quality and stylish good looks with all the features you could need, included is a Polar heart rate monitoring belt which wirelessly connects to the Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine and displays your heart rate on the rowing machines digital display.
Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine, Easy to Use.

Easy to Use.

This is a folding rowing machine so when folded the long seat metal seat glide folds upwards making the rowing machine much smaller in size and easy to store around your home, when folded the Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine will fit in the boot of your car or even on the back seat of your car.

There's 8 levels of resistance to choose from, these are easily adjustable from the seated position while your rowing, choose a lower resistance level when your new to rowing and cardio vascular workouts and as your fitness level increase slowly increase the resistance of the coming weeks.

The digital display is mounted at eye level and ensures that even on the backward stroke you can clearly see the digital display and keep an eye on your rowing statistics which include the current time, handy if you just want a quick row in your lunch break, the distance you have rowed is also displayed which is for people who like to row say 1km as fast as they can, the calories consumed by your body (calories burned) are also displayed and this is ideal for anyone on a calorie controlled diet who will find that a quick row and burn of 300 or so calories will really help their diet.

The rowing machine pedals are very spacious with lots of room for your feet so you won't feel cramped in use and the large seat is comfortable too and supports you well whilst rowing.
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