Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym.

Read the review of the Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym which includes 70kg Weight Stack and is a Compact Home Gym.

Buy a multigym that includes the weight stack so you have everything you need to start using your multigym at home, the Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym is designed for home use and features a compact design where all exercises can be performed from sitting in the multigym chair, its the space efficient way to exercise in a small room and is ideal for those who want a quick focussed exercise session.
Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym, Includes 70kg Weight Stack.

Includes 70kg Weight Stack.

As the exercises can be performed from sitting in the multigym exercise chair the Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym is suitable for those with limited mobility or those in need of rehabilitation.

The multigym features a chest press, butterfly press, leg developer including leg extensions and leg curls, separate preacher curl pad, a multi grip lateral bar for working on your shoulders and chest and an ankle strap for side kicks which build up the legs and is ideal for runners and swimmers.

With lower body strength and upper body strength exercises the Weider Pro 4000 Multi Gym is ideal for all exercises, featuring so many different exercise machines in the one multigym your saving a lot of money over buying separate pieces of exercise equipment and of course saving a lot of space in your home as you only need space for the one multigym rather than numerous pieces of separate exercise equipment.

There's a low pulley and a high pulley system included too, use the high pulley for lat pulldowns and triceps pushdowns and use the low pulley for upper body exercises and biceps curls.

Sold with a 2 year full parts and labour warranty you can rest assured that should you have a problem with your multigym there be nothing to pay as an engineer will visit you in your own home with both the labour and the parts free for two years.
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