York Fitness X102 Elliptical Trainer.

York Fitness X102 Elliptical Trainer with 21 Exercise Programs, 4 Target Programs and 3 Heart Rate Controlled.

The York Fitness X102 Elliptical Trainer has many exercise programs to keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals from losing weight to strengthening muscles, there's 4 target programs where you can enter the heart rate that the elliptical trainer should not go over and even hear an alarm should you go over heart rate.
York Fitness X102 Elliptical Trainer, 21 Exercise Programs.

21 Exercise Programs, 4 Target Programs, 3 Heart Rate Controlled.

There's a built in fitness test so you can track yo9ur fitness level seeing your fitness increase over time and when your not exercising on the elliptical trainer and just have the trainer unused in your room the display will show the time, date and room temperature how's that for being useful.

The York Fitness X102 Elliptical Trainer is a dual action elliptical trainer meaning it has two sets of handlebars one fixed for a step action workout and the other moving for a full body workout hand pulse sensors in the handlebars automatically measure your pulse and all you have to do is hold the handlebars and with a massive 8 user profiles you can store the details of 8 different people so everyone can store things like age, weight, max speed required, max heart rate requested, max time etc for instant recall the next time they use the elliptical trainer.

With a 20 stone maximum weight limit everyone can use the elliptical trainer knowing its sturdy and well made you can even adjust the pedal height if for example you have low ceilings in your home another benefit of the York Fitness X102 Elliptical Trainer is that you don't have to stretch your arms very far on the handlebars as you do with some other makes of elliptical trainer so its ideal; for everyone.
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