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Buy Above Ground Swimming Pools

If your looking for the biggest outdoor swimming pools that you can assemble yourself then have a look at these huge swimming pools, the oval pools are some of the biggest and as it’s oval nice and safe with no corners and with a filter pump to keep the water clean and with side supporting struts these pools are safe and stable and won't wobble all over the place like some temporary pools, there's quick release valves to let the water out quickly so you're not waiting all day for the pool to empty when you decide to pack the pool away and to give you some idea of just how big these swimming pools are, you can get a length of 24 foot and width of 12 feet and a height of 48 inches or 4 feet which holds a staggering 23,339 litres of water at just 80% capacity that's 6,165 gallons of water.

These are quick assembly swimming pools for home use in the garden and comes with a filter pump that's capable of pumping 2,000 litres of water per hour to keep even the dirtiest of outdoor swimming pools clean so if your always finding the pool is full of grass cuttings then this is the swimming pool to buy, a swimming pool ladder is included with these outdoor pools and the steps on the ladder are non slip and have a metal frame for strength, the frame is plastic coated so it won't rust.

There's a weather cover which as well as stopping rain getting into the pool will keep debris out of the pool like leaves and twigs as well as keeping cats or dogs away and keeping the pool safe from children when not in use, as with a pool cover children won't be able to get inside unattended, also included is a nylon groundsheet which prevents the underside of the portable swimming pool from being damaged and also means that you can place the swimming pool on any type of ground surface from grass to soil to sand or paving slabs and concrete, there's a one year warranty and free delivery on these pools.

If you're looking for a home swimming pool that's both round and large then these 18ft diameter models are worth a look, they have a strong steel frame and are suitable for adults and children and has a 3 ply PVC and polyester liner that won't rip or tear and the rustproof frame and easy lock frame system where literally the frame pieces click into shape, it’s quick to assemble and with a fast flow control valve the pool is quick to empty and with a metal ladder, pool cover and pump you have everything you need for a fun swim and splash at home in your garden, with a swimming pool size of 18 feet wide by 48 inches (4 feet) high and at just 80% full holds 26,400 litres of water (69,741 gallons) so you certainly have a big pool with lots of room for the whole family to both swim and play.

These swimming pools come with a 2,000 litre per hour filter that will keep the pool water clear and free from leaves, grass cuttings etc. there's even a metal ladder with plastic steps and metal coating so it won't rust and a nylon groundsheet for you to put underneath the swimming pool so you don't damage the underside of the pool, you can put the pool on a wide range of surfaces from garden lawn to wooden decking to paving slabs and sand, generally the pools are dark blue in colour with a metal frame that's been white plastic coated to prevent rust and there's a ladder which is of metal construction and has four plastic non slip steps, there's a 12 month warranty and free delivery on these pools so there's no more to pay.

Choose a large oval swimming pool that you can put up in your garden for use by both adults and children, you don't need to dig a hole as the swimming pool has its own frame and is self supporting, in just 40 minutes your have your pool assembled and be filling it with a hosepipe, a typical large outdoor swimming pool is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide and 4 feet high so there's plenty of room for the whole family to give you an idea of how big this pool is to fill the pool up to 80% full (because your want a gap at the top of the pool so the water doesn't slosh out when you get in) takes 19,350 litres of water that's 5,111 gallons of water so your need to use a hosepipe to fill it up and with a quick release valve you can attach a hosepipe to drain the water away when you want to empty the pool.

Included with the pool is a filter pump that has a capacity of 2,000 litres per hour and will filter out any leaves or grass cuttings that might have fallen into the water also included is a weather cover that will keep debris like leaves and grass cuttings out of the water and will also provide a safety cover for pets and children when the pool is not in use, these pools are dark blue in colour with white coloured metal side supports for stability and a white coloured water filter, a tubular steel ladder with high impact resistant footplate’s is included to make climbing in and out of the swimming pool easy for everyone and with a 12 month guarantee on the pool and free delivery there's no more to pay.

In need of a family sized swimming pool for the garden then these garden pools are self supporting and does not need a steel frame and does not need a hole to be dug in the garden or anything remotely DIY just give yourself a couple of minutes to lay out the pool on the grass and then attach the hosepipe to the easy fill connector and let the pool fill up then when you want to empty the pool of water attach the hosepipe to the emptying pipe and the water will empty down the hosepipe, these water inflated pools measure 18 feet in diameter so it's a big pool with room for all your family and friends and with no metal frame it's so simple to assemble the pool because no assembly is needed the water inside the pool makes the pool take its shape its the easiest, laziest way to get a big swimming pool in your garden.

A filter pump is included with the pool and this will filter all the water inside the pool removing any leaves, grass cuttings or other debris from the water and when not in use put the weather cover on the pool which will help to keep further debris out and provide a level of protection for household pets and the children when you don't want them to use the pool, a pool ladder is included and this makes it easy for everyone (adults and children) to climb in or out of the pool, these pools have a dark blue colour outside and a light blue colour inside and come with a groundsheet that you put under the pool to prevent damage to the bottom of the pool, there's a 12 month electrical warranty on the filter and a 3 month warranty on the pool liner and delivery is free of charge.

These outdoor swimming pools are for adults and children, they are 12 feet in diameter and have a steel frame so can be assembled on your lawn or concrete area and does not need any holes dug or any preparation simply insert the metal poles that make up the frame through the swimming pool liner and use a hosepipe to fill up your pool, the pool liner is 3 ply (3 separate sheets that are joined together to make the one liner) which is made from woven polyester and is very strong and will resist tares and rips, the metal frame has a powder coated finish that makes it rust proof and the easy lock frame system means the pool is fast to assemble and with a flow control valve the pool is easy to empty, simply attach a hosepipe to the valve and the water will drain away through the hosepipe.

The typical garden pool is 12 foot in diameter and 2.5 feet high and holds 6,500 litres (1,717 gallons of water) when filled to the 80% mark (you don't need to fill the pool with water by more than 80% because the water will rise when everyone gets in the pool or starts splashing), included is a 2,000 litre per hour filter pump which will filter away any debris in the water like grass cuttings from lawn mowing or leaves from trees to help keep debris out of the pool a weather cover is also included which as well as keeping grass and leaves out of your pool prevents pets or children from entering the water when you don't want to use the pool.

A large swimming pool ladder is included which makes climbing into the pool very easy for everyone from children to the elderly and a nylon groundsheet is also provided, put this under the swimming pool to prevent anything sharp or uneven tearing or ripping the bottom of the pool, the pool is dark blue in colour with metal poles that have been treated against rust and are white in colour, delivery is free and there's a one year warranty on the electrical components and a 3 month warranty on the pool liner.